Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cat consumes FCFA3 million Francs at NPB

The Officer in charge of Infrastructure and development (OIID), Mr Yuh Michael Ayeah, in National Polytechnic Bamenda, was thoroughly embarrassed yesterday, Saturday Morning 22/08/2015 when in place of money he grabbed but a cat in a bag in which he had reserved FCFA 3000000 francs to pay workers the previous day. According to the informant, the school architect, he says he was second in the line to receive money when it occurred. As soon as Mike had settled on his chair and the other worker was anxiously waiting to receive his money, when Mike stretched his hand in the familiar  corner to remove the money. After unzipping the bag he felt but some something soft and quickly grabbed the neck  while shouting. The man who was sitting in front of him assisted him and they removed the cat from the bag. A big cat with a ring on its neck that bore some cowries and some lairs.
The embarrassed Mike and others shouted for help and all who heard in the compound came in first with Bobe Yong's Junior  brother, Bobe Charles. The cat was killed and burnt to ashes but the money had vamoosed.
This incidence leaves us with several unanswered questions.
Observers want to think that this is another dimension in the saga over who controls Late Bobe Yong's property. Watch out  for details.

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